Digital Art

My digital art displays many styles and themes, reflecting my range of techniques and interests. I like to capture the bizarre or unseen, whether it's portraiture reflecting small emotions and moments or animation colliding ideas into something completely new - I love to use the huge variety of colors and textures offered in digital creation to achieve the evasive balance of unique yet relatable. 

Tuna On White, No Cheese - 2023

Scenes & Characters

I love designing scenes and characters in the vein of my favorite graphic novels and cartoon animations. My goal is always to capture the world of the characters - their histories and emotions - as if you were given a snapshot of real lives in progress.

Mostly Tricks, Some Treats - 2023

A Walk in the Woods - 2022

With Syrup on the Side - 2023

Our First Summer - 2022

@home - 2022

Family Outing - 2023

Mixed-Media Album Covers

Album art was one of my first introductions to livable art - holding so much meaning to individuals that they are reproduced on clothing, home decor, even on skin in some cases. I love the impact of this kind of art and in creating interpretations of some of my favorite albums, I've found further inspiration for my designs...while also producing some three dimensional pieces that feel as alive as the music they represent.